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There are 3 easy steps to quick profits with Connecting Point:
Group Messaging
Always be connected to your team
Web Conferencing
More efficient training
Phone Conferencing
Take control of your telecom

Why use Connecting Point?
So that you can Connect, Communicate and Cash in with your team.

With the Connecting Point tools, connecting with your customers and your organization is fun and easy. Less than 3 minutes after setting up your account, you'll be up and running - plugged into your customers and your organization from anywhere that has an internet connection or a telephone!

In today's business world, information travels faster than ever before. Don't let the wave of information, emails, and voicemails topple your business and overwhelm you. Instead, let Connecting Point streamline your communications needs : We've combined voicemail, web presentation systems, faxing, and phone conferencing all in one simple to use platform.

Cash in
Connecting Point was designed to improve the efficiency and earnings of Vemma distributors. We built our platform under the watchful eye of company leaders and worked with hundreds of Vemma distributors in the design and testing of the system. By designing this system from the ground up, we're proud to see our system improving the efficiency of Vemma distributors everyday.


To create your account, you must login to your GPS business center and look for the registration link for GPS Talk.